July 4, 2024

Build Your dApp with Lua Script. Step-by-Step Guide to Developing the Dextool Trending Tokens Sniper Bot

GraphLinq Chain

Developing dApps can seem daunting, especially if you're not familiar with programming languages. However, mastering these languages unlocks their true potential. Among these, Lua Script stands out as a crucial tool.

We're excited to show you how even the most complex tasks in dApp development can be effortlessly achieved using the Graphlinq platform's powerful tools!

Why Choose Lua Script for dApp Development?

Lua, traditionally associated with game development, is gaining popularity in the blockchain industry for several reasons:

  • Lightweight and Efficient: Ideal for fast and responsive decentralized apps.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily embeds into existing blockchain platforms.
  • Simple Syntax: User-friendly API, perfect for newcomers to dApp development.
  • Highly Customizable: Excellent for building personalized trading tools and strategies.

Graphlinq provides various blocks associated with Lua, each tailored to different use cases:

  • Execute Lua Script Block: Runs Lua scripts and retrieves results.
  • Get Lua Exported Parameter Block: Retrieves return variables after script execution.
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Lua Function Block: Executes specific scripts within Ethereum contracts, streamlining communication with the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Lua Script Block: Composes Lua scripts for execution or integration into Ethereum contracts.

Practical Application Creating a Trending Tokens Sniper Bot

Imagine creating an application that buys the top 5 trending tokens on Dextools and sells them when they rise or fall by 10%. Using our Lua engine, this process becomes fast and efficient.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 Connect Your Wallet

Use the “Connect To Wallet” button at the top right side of the IDE.

Step 2 Add a New ETH Block

This block will:

  • Call the Dextools API to retrieve trending tokens.
  • Implement verifications to determine whether to sell the tokens.

Step 3 First Subgraph Setup

  • Use blocks to retrieve trending tokens with a Lua script.
  • Filter to include only the top 5 tokens.
  • Add the smart contract hashes of these tokens to an array.

Step 4 Second Subgraph Setup

  • Check if the tokens have been bought.
  • If not, buy the trending tokens.
  • Loop over all purchased tokens to see if they have increased or decreased by 10%.

Stay tuned for our upcoming detailed step-by-step YouTube tutorial, guiding you through every aspect of building your dApp masterpiece.

Why GraphLinq?

GraphLinq provides secure, no-code solutions for developing decentralized applications. By leveraging our tools, you can focus on creativity and innovation without getting bogged down in complex coding tasks.

Enhance your dApp development experience with GraphLinq—where simplicity meets efficiency. Start building today and harness the power of Lua Script within the Graphlinq ecosystem!

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