The blockchain ecosystem
built for on-chain automation
& dApps powered by AI

Turn simple prompts into powerful Web3 tools
with AI & GraphLinq Chain

Trusted by industry-leading companies around the globe

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Design for seamless mass adoption

Graphlinq Blockchain

Powerful platform that enables developers
to build and deploy decentralized applications with ease

Graphlinq Protocol

Provides a no-code tools for creating

complex applications without the need for coding skills

Graphlinq Token

The $GLQ Token allows users to run their apps
on our test or main net

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What we offer

Decentralized automation

for businesses across multiple blockchains

Effortlessly Setup with no-code and AI

Execute, monitor & analyse real-time data

Automate logic across multiple chains

graphlinq PROTOCOL — ai ide

Build dApps in seconds using Graphlinq AI

Start building

300+ logic blocks

Connect apps in node-editor. Setting up bots, executing trades, deploying tokens — all made easy and without coding

Ask AI

Use built-in AI chat to develop your future app logic. Describe what you need to make and get results just in seconds

Pre-made templates

Explore Graphlinq Marketplace with graphs, apps and automations templates made by our community

graphlinq analytics

Robust set of tools to analyze

and visualize blockchain data efficiently

Get real-time insights, track transactions and make more informed decisions

Explore dashboard

Activity monitor

Efficiently analyze and visualize blockchain data. Get real-time insights and track transactions for more informed decisions

Trades manager

Get all the data about your trading and staking history and status. Single window approach for smooth decision making

AI IDE integration

Connect with you Graphlinq Protocol projects via built-in AI IDE integration. Get and send data via no-code made apps

trusted by leaders & users

For us at Solidproof, it’s like seeing our cybersecurity mission come to life in the blockchain space.


Solidproof, CEO

GraphLinq blends no-code solutions with blockchain, setting new innovation standards.



GraphLinq revolutionizes Market-Making with no-code platforms and AI-driven tools.


Gotbit Hedge Fund, CEO

GLQ chain boosts DeFi adoption with hype-worthy, accessible technology.


CryptoZillaVC, CEO

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05 mar 2024

Graphlinq Hub Unveiled: A Comprehensive Look at the Main Features

In our recent article we announced that Graphlinq users will soon be able to bridge and swap ERC20 and GraphLinq Chain tokens. And today, we’re thrilled to announce that the Bridge & Swap features have already been launched on a testnet, marking a significant milestone in our development journey.

17 feb 2024
GraphLinq IDE: Discover What’s New

One of the key features of GraphLinq is its user-friendly approach. We understand the importance of your experience, which is why we are constantly striving to improve our platform.

17 feb 2024
Сreate Your Own ERC404 Token Without Coding in Five Minutes

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, a new trend is shaking things up: the ERC404 token standard.

21 Dec 2023
Introducing GraphLinq Intent AI LLM | Ask GraphLinq AI to automate/build your Web3 workflows

There’s a new era in the making for the web3 no-code industry. Now on GraphLinq, we’re leveraging the AI to auto-generate executions with AI intents for all the blockchains we have available in our logical block like Solana, Polygon, Elrond, Avalanche, Ethereum, BNBChain, etc.