The nocode platform for Blockchains development

Using our node based editor anyone can build graphs and automate their off-chain and on-chain tasks.

Create powerful tools

With GraphLinq, you can create the equivalent of hundreds of lines of code in seconds by simply drag-and-dropping blocks.

For a fraction of a penny

Most operations on GraphLinq cost fractions of a GLQ, it's even cheaper than running your program on AWS.

At an incredible speed

Even if you are already a developer GraphLinq allows you to test your ideas without having to fire up the terminal.

Build, visualize, automate

The GraphLinq Engine provides all you need to handle business logic without having to program any of it.

Build graphs visually with nodes

A node is a block that is a self contained piece of functionality like connecting to the Ethereum Network, getting data from a specific exchange or sending data using a WebHook.

The GraphLinq Engine comes with a set of over 100 logical blocks that can be executed using your desired parameters.

Link nodes to define behavior

Every node has at least one input that accepts values to be processed, and one output that produces results. Linking an output to an input establishes a data path that allows one node to feed data into another.

Use this simple yet powerful principle to define what the Graph does.

>_ Execute

Upload & execute directly from the dashboard

Once you're ready to deploy your Graph or use a pre-made template, you can use the GraphLinq Dashboard to upload it and execute it on the protocol.

Export as file

User & share your templates

Create and share your Graphs with the world. Explore what others have created. Search for community Graphs and reuse them in your project.

>_ Execute

The GLQ token

The GLQ Token allow you to run a graph on our test net or our main net to execute different processes over the blockchain to automate your tasks. GLQ token will be burned each time the graph execute one block.

You can get more informations about the GLQ token here.

Ready to create your First Graph on our Protocol ?

How peoples use GraphLinq

With the ability to create your own graph and using a variety of pre-made blocks, the only limit is your imagination.

Amazing user experience

Even if you are already a developer GraphLinq allows you to test your ideas without having to fire up the terminal.

Evolving my payment services

I was looking for a crypto project to help me to create an automated bot for handling my new member's subscriptions on Telegram, I did it in a few clicks with the help of the GraphLinq team.


I needed a way to monitor a specific pair on Uniswap I invested in, I created my graphs and linked all the flux streams data to my Discord account, and added conditional trigger over prices change.

Binance Trader

I am a Binance day trader, I used one Graph template to link me up with Binance activity and on decentralized AMM protocol, this way I can trigger arbitrage events to execute a trade with my Binance API.

Whale reporting

I created my graph that alerts me in real-time over webhook events to my dedicated server whenever whales moved their funds from one wallet to another.

Following my investment

Using a template, I modified and deployed my graph to let me know when the price of Ethereum was moving on my Telegram bot, it helps me up to know when to buy or sell from my initial investment.

GraphLinq Community

Learn about GraphLinq, discuss with the team and other members in the community.


Chat in realtime with the GraphLinq community.


Chat in realtime with the GraphLinq community.


Chat in realtime with the GraphLinq community.


Chat in realtime with the GraphLinq community.